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TimeChamp is an “Always On” sport community that gives you the freedom to decide when and where you would like to exercise.

TimeChamp allows for automatic recording of your times at any of our installations across the country. Make sure your ChampionChip is on, let us know you are exercising and you are A for Away!

To help you get started, here are some frequently asked questions...

How do I register?

  • Simply go to www.timechamp.co.za and click the register button. Fill out a short form and your chip will be registered on the TimeChamp database OR SMS your chip code to 99199 and we will complete your registration for you, based on your details recorded against your ChampionChip

What does it cost?

  • Using the TimeChamp system is free to use. Some venues (e.g. bike parks) may charge an entrance fee to the facility, but the actual use of TimeChamp is free.
  • You will need a personal ChampionChip, correctly registered, in order to use the system. If you do not have a ChampionChip, you may purchase one from the venue you are participating at (please phone ahead to ensure stock). Also check www.championchip.co.za for a list of stockists.

How do I log my run?

  • You can log your run in your TimeChamp profile. Simply login, select the venue and distance you will be doing and then go and complete your training! Your time will update automatically to your profile.
  • If you do not select this before your session then you may do it afterwards (but it must be done before your next session)

How does the system know when I start?

  • In order to start your session you need to pass over the TimeChamp start/finish point. This will start your session. The next time you pass over the start/finish point will end your session. Please be absolutely sure you are ready to start, as once started the system can not be restarted for that session.

Need Help?

  • Please complete the support form on the TimeChamp website and our support team will be in touch